Marvin Harris of Pennsylvania Skill Games

Marvin Harris, Vice President of Compliance

Marvin Harris has been working with Pennsylvania Skill Games since 2010.  As Vice President of Compliance, Marvin has demonstrated both legal and ethical expertise for compliance enforcement.  Marvin’s professional commitment to law enforcement is interwoven in the guiding principles that lends to his success in all of his professional endeavors.  Marvin has always been committed to abiding by and enforcing the laws of the jurisdictions he has sworn to protect.   Marvin’s exemplary law enforcement career began in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer and a member of the elite 82nd Airborne. Marvin Harris transitioned from the Military Police to the Pennsylvania State Police.  After 25 years of service as a Pennsylvania State Trooper, Marvin Harris retired from the Pennsylvania State Police. It should be noted that while serving with the Pennsylvania State Police, Marvin worked closely with The LCB and LCE to enforce regulations with illegal gaming machines/devices. Marvin Harris then pursued a third career in the United States Airforce as a law enforcement Officer for the Security Forces, from where he retired after 20 years of service.

Marvin Harris and the President of Pennsylvania Skill Games, which is currently based in Beaver/Lawrence Counties, Pennsylvania, have researched how this company impacts the community and its constituents. They have solicited the County’s District Attorney, Chief of Police, and the Pennsylvania State Police to ensure that the Pennsylvania Skill Games company is in compliance and is welcomed and supported.

Now that Pennsylvania’s gaming laws have adopted laws to regulate skill-based gaming machines/devices, Marvin Harris is committed to ensuring total compliance and enforcement to current and future rules and regulations.